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Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

This week I received an email from a client about the “UPS Package Delivery Failure” email scam.  He wanted to know if it was a real threat or just a phony scare.  It’s a real threat, it’s been going around for years, and I want everyone to be aware of it.

These scam emails say that a package delivery company was unable to deliver a package and include instructions for things you need to do, that will steal private information or install a virus on your computer.

The main thing you need to remember is that a delivery company will not ask you to print anything or submit information.  If an email asks you to do that, delete it immediately and call the company directly to see if they are trying to communicate with you.

Here is a link to an excellent article on Snopes that explains all the details.

Package Delivery Failure Virus

And while we’re on the subject, now is a good time to review some other safety tips for internet commerce.

Here is a link to good information from the Google Safety Center.

Online Shopping Safety

My “simple, easy and fun” solution is to
Be conscious that there might be hazards
Take time to look at things carefully
Trust your instincts and
When in doubt, ask me

Wishing you a peaceful and joy-filled holiday shopping season,


Are you wondering if you should upgrade your OS?

There are major changes happening with computer and mobile gadget operating systems and it’s my mission to make it easy for you to keep up and enjoy the many benefits.

One of my clients received an email from Microsoft offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 and she wanted to know if I thought it would be better or worse than her Windows 8.1.
windows 10

I told her, that it’s too soon to tell.  I recommend that people wait until it has been on the market for at least a year to give them a chance to correct any problems.  There are always bugs and fixes that need to be done with any new software.

There are many improvements and some neat new features, but we’ll shall see….

If you are interested in knowing about the new features of Windows 10, Click here.


Apple also has a new operating system for it’s computers. It’s been available for quite some time and Apple has issued several important updates.  It’s called OS X Yosemite and it has a lot of cool new features.  If you want to learn more about it click here.


I’m still really enjoying my Chromebook.  A Chromebook is a laptop of a different breed. Instead of Windows or Mac OS, Chromebooks run Google’s Chrome OS. These machines are designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet, with most applications and documents living in the cloud and they are much less expensive than other computers.

If you are thinking about buying a new computer, smart phone or tablet, you might want to consult with me first. In my tutoring, I have the opportunity to play with many kinds of devices so I can give you some good information about their advantages and disadvantages.  I’m proud to say that many of my clients have saved a lot of money and avoided a lot of frustration by consulting with me before they purchased.
If you buy a new device, have me give you an orientation so you can get up and running quickly and easily. I read the owners manuals and take online classes so you don’t have to.  (“It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it.”  LOL)

If you found this information helpful, please share it.  




Strike Three and They’re Out

I am without a new computer!  After trying out three machines, I gave up! (For the time-being at least…if you know me, you know it probably won’t last long.  LOL)

I dumped some applications on my trusty, very old, souped up, bionic Dell Inspiron E1505 and it’s stopped whining about it’s memory.  My world is peaceful once again.

The Yog2 Pro 2 was unwieldy.  Darn, double darn!….I wanted to like it so much, but I was just tense all the time, struggling with teeny tiny tabs on the web browser,  my fingers missing the keys on the chicklet keyboard, and the touch screen not working with various programs.  I took it back to Best Buy and they were very gracious.

I took home a Lenovo Idea pad and after much tweaking, customizing, disabling of features and dealing with it dropping my WiFi connection repeatedly….I called it quits.  I took it back and decided to just lay low, let the dust settle and wait for the manufacturers and developers to get their sh**t together.

No one should have to go through all this to get comfortable with a new machine.  And it’s not just me…in my research to find solutions, I discovered that other consumers are having the same issues.  I won’t bore you with all the gory details here, but suffice it to say that “the boys” are going to have to get on the same page and play together nice before I jump into the game again.  If it’s this frustrating for me (the lover of almost all things techie), imagine what it’s like for the average person!

On the positive side, most people are not trying to do all the things I do on the computer, so if you absolutely must get a new machine, talk to me first and let me advice you about the best solution for your particular needs.  I do consultations and shopping trips and I can tweak and disable things to make the transition more comfortable for you.

It’s been a hectic three weeks, but I’ve learned a lot that I can share and that makes me a happy girl.  I took the hits so you don’t have to and it’s my greatest pleasure to be able to help.

In Joy…no matter what,