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Hi, my name is Mardi Boettcher

When I moved to the desert in 2010, I was helping my 89 yr. old mother with lots of little frustrations with her computer and other techie gadgets.  I love all things techie and really enjoyed being able to help.

My mom said she was sure there were a lot of other people in the valley could benefit from my help.  Many of them have children or grandchildren that are techie like me, but they are too busy or too impatient to teach.  So I decided to start a tutoring service.

It turns out that my mother was right.  Almost everyone I meet, tells me they have a bunch of issues and frustrations with their computers and gadgets.

It’s so rewarding to see my clients’ relief as they get over little obstacles and start to fully enjoy the many benefits of modern technology.

I also work with a lot of business people who know how to use technology but want to increase their productivity and learn how to use the latest mobile gadgets and apps.  I’ve been able to show them special features and shortcuts that make their work so much easier.  I also help them with marketing plans. The study and practice of marketing are another of my passions.

Computers, tablets, smartphones, apps and operating systems, are changing all the time.  It’s a challenge to keep up….even for geeks like me.  However, I love learning new stuff and, as a credentialed teacher, I know how to make it simple and understandable for my students.

Sometimes it takes just one session for clients to get a jump start on a new device or app and then they are “good to go” on their own.  Often, they get so inspired and confident that they continue to learn more about all the ways their gadgets can provide entertainment, information and increased productivity.  Many clients put me on retainer for quick fixes and answers to questions.  It’s all good!